For use with Symbian OS SDK for Series 60 Version 2.1 Beta (Nokia developers) and UIQ 2.1 SDK for Symbian OS v7.0 (Sony Ericsson and Motorola developers).

BH4-X from CYBERABI is an easy-to-use Windows 2000 device driver that can help debug your Bluetooth® enabled applications for Nokia Series 60 mobiles.

BH4-X allows industry standard USB adapters enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology to emulate the standard Bluetooth H4 HCI serial protocol. Several Symbian OS developer kits, including the Symbian OS SDK for Series 60 Version 2.1 Beta and the UIQ 2.1 SDK for Symbian OS v7.0 can use an H4 HCI Bluetooth adapter to debug Bluetooth applications on a PC host.


BH4-X installs as a Windows COM port, just as a Bluetooth PCMCIA card or hardware reference platform would.

In our side-by-side tests, BH4-X was recognized by the Series 60 and UIQ EPOC SDK Emulators and performed correctly on Bluetooth control panel, device discovery, service advertising / discovery, and text / contact / image / RFCOMM send-receive applications.



BH4-X uses only industry standard Bluetooth HCI commands and should work with any USB adapter enabled with industry standard Bluetooth technology, regardless of chipset. Nonetheless there are exceptions.

We've verified BH4-X compatibility with the Belkin F8T003, the Amazing Technology BlueGear, and the Hawking Technology H-BT10U. All of these USB adapters use chipsets from Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR). Our customers have had success using BH4-X with CSR-based adapters from many vendors.

Adapters based on the Broadcom BCM2033 and similar chipsets are not compatible with BH4-X. These adapters don't support industry standard Bluetooth HCI commands until a proprietary Broadcom firmware loader runs at each power-up. BH4-X does not include a firmware loader, and so cannot be used with these adapters.

Incompatible adapters include

This list is not comprehensive. Check the specifications of your adapter to determine compatibility.

WARNING: Use BH4-X at your own risk! BH4-X is software, and may cause your computer to stop responding under certain error conditions. BH4-X is not endorsed by the Bluetooth SIG, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Symbian, Microsoft, Cambridge Silicon Radio, Broadcom, Socket Communications, Belkin Corporation, Amazing Technology, or Hawking Technology. All of the mentioned brand and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

NOTE: The Series 60 and UIQ versions of BH4-X are identical except for documentation. Developers using both SDKs need purchase only one version of BH4-X.