242-FONE from CYBERABI finds English words in your mobile number or PIN using the letter assignments on your phone keypad. It's The Phone Number Word Finder!

For example, it will find the words HON-LOVE in the number 466-5683, because the 4 key includes the letter 'H', the 6 key includes both the letter 'O' and the letter 'N', and so on.

The 0 and 1 keys don't include any letters, so you might think 242-FONE can't find words using them. It can! 242-FONE includes Extended and Haxxor search modes that will find words in almost any mobile number.

The Extended search uses the 1 key as ' I ' or 'L', and the 0 key as the letter 'O'. It also treats the 7 key as 'QU' in addition to 'Q'. An Extended search will find the word 'R10T' (riot) in the PIN 7108.

The Haxxor search includes many more search combinations, and will find the words 'L8R' (later) and '5UP' (sup) in the prefix 587.

242-FONE may find hundreds of word and letter combinations in your mobile number. You decide which combos to keep. As you choose combos, 242-FONE locks them in and eliminates others that use the same digits. Keep selecting from the Words tab until you've assigned words to the entire number. You can try as many combinations as you like. 242-FONE remembers each complete combination on its convenient History tab.

242-FONE knows more than 30,000 English words and abbreviations! These words are often easier to remember than phone or PIN numbers. We hope you'll find some memorable words in your numbers with 242-FONE.

WARNING: Although we've removed certain vulgar words from the 242-FONE dictionary, some remaining words may be considered word marks, trade marks, proper names, or vulgarity in certain contexts. CYBERABI provides 242-FONE only for entertainment purposes. If you're planning to use a combination of words found with the assistance of 242-FONE publicly (for example, as the phone number of a business), it's up to you to make sure that none of them violate trademark rights or lawful restrictions on speech.