Writing has always been a big part of my work.

During my time at Motorola, I wrote many customer presentations, project proposals, design documents, instruction books, industry standards drafts, and other business communication. The majority of these were company confidential documents. I've included one that was not - a presentation I made at Motorola's first wireless developer conference.

From 1987 - 1994 I operated a Color Computer software publishing house named Burke & Burke. I developed and published over 30 software titles at Burke & Burke, along with the associated user manuals, installation guides, and advertising.

I regularly reviewed PC video games for Mindless Games & Entertainment (archvied) and RuneNews under the pen name Gwynhala. I played through the games, took hundreds of screen shots, wrote my narrative, selected the screen shots that best illustrated the narrative, and processed the screenshots for web distribution. Site owner William Mull handled final formatting and publication.

In 2005 I worked with the International Game Developer's Association (IGDA) on their intellectual property white paper, contributing two essays and editing major sections of the document.

Each November I participate with thousands of others in a 30-day novel-writing marathon known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short.

I've also been known to write the occasional gothic fiction, collaborative improv role-play, or angsty poem, for sites like The Wayward, Andromorphia, deviantART, and The Home Front.