Heretic II Skins by Chris "Gwynhala" Burke

Here are four of the skins I created for Heretic II players. I worked on many other skins, but these are my favorites. All are based on the UV coordinates and meshs of the standard Heretic II male and female player models.

H2 skins have two textures. The first is the "normal" skin. The second is the "damaged" skin, which represents the model's face and body with various wounds. The left-most image in each set is an in-game screenshot.

The biped, armor, edged and bow weapons are all parts of a single mesh, turned on and off using a system similar to Quake 2 VWEP, and so the skins include texture for normal and powered-up weapons as well.


Sexy and deadly!

Her redhead older sister "Rage" (also mine) was inspired by an old ATI graphics card ad.


"Lo Ping Do"

Created for a talented Asian player. An austere base with simple lines and rich color accents.

"Red Reaper"

Note the hooded robe and scythe, which Ron deFreitas and I created by tweaking a few vertex positions in the original Raven model. You'll also notice similarities to "Bomb", who came first. This model and skin were used in THF.


A collage of many art samples provided by the player. Some parts are Raven, some mine, others of unknown origin. The wings are painted on the back; from this angle they look pretty good! He has blue blood because...he's an angel? Customer is always right.


Raven's stock skin for the female Heretic II player model, for comparison.

Kiera Copyright © 1998 Raven Software


Raven's stock skin for the male Heretic II player model, for comparison.

Corvus Copyright © 1998 Raven Software