Unlike earlier versions of The Sims, The Sims 3 for Wii contains a significant multiplayer option known as Life Moments.

Supporting up to 4 players and specifically designed for play on Wii, Life Moments allows players to compete against each other as each devlops a Sim from childhood through the various times of his/her life. The goal? See who has the best life!

Life Moments is a collaborative / competitive choose-your-own-adventure set in the Sims 3 universe. It's presented as a kind of game show in which players make choices that open and close various story paths, while wagering points on others' choices and making and breaking deals with each other on paths that will earn the most points.

When choices conflict, Life Moments resolves them via mini-games including What's The Price?, Stay On Topic, and Tangrams.

I led a team of five engineers, working with two brilliant artists and a hilariously creative team of designers and writers at Planet Moon Studios, to create Life Moments. The rest of The Sims 3 for Wii was developed by French-Canadian studio A2M.

This game was developed on top of the proprietary Planet Moon Studios game engine, in a mix of Flash / Actionscript, Lua, and C++.

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