Backbone Entertainment created an entirely new story set in the Mech universe for Mech Assault Phantom War. This landmark title also proved that a traditional PC / X-Box franchise could indeed translate, and well, to the Nintendo platform.

I joined the MechAssault Phantom War project late in its schedule, replacing departed staff. My main responsibility was the tool chain for the variable level-of-detail 3D terrain rendering system. The data conversion tool, written in C#, was a mess of spaghetti code and broken assumptions when I took it over. I repaired the broken poly reduction algorithms, re-implemented the terrain "tiling" feature, and added visualization tools to allow simultaneous viewing of the poly reduction process on multiple tiles.

I worked on the zoomed "Tank" camera, and fixed various engine and gameplay bugs during the alpha and beta test phases.

Mech Assault Phantom War was a temporary assignment for me, helping out a project that was running a bit late into alpha. After a few months I moved on to the project Backbone Entertainment hired me for - Gauntlet DS.


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