MauiGames developed this 2.5D extreme sports advergaming title in 2003-2004.

Maui Mountain Biking features varied gameplay and three difficulty levels, all in 64K of java code and graphics combined.

The object is to race down the side of Haleakela volcano without crashing, while achieving the best score. Players score by riding fast, jumping for bonus icons, and performing "tricks" by entering randomized key sequences at specific times.

For this game, I wrote a simple reusable physics, scheduling, and paralax-scroll rendering engine running off of a 1/10 second heartbeat. Each object type has a sprite and a "think type" which determines how it moves and animates on-screen. For example, the clouds hug the horizon, while the brush and dirt animate based on bike velocity. The track images skew and shear from side to side as the course turns to create a 3D effect. The user interface and sequence of screens are driven by a finite state machine.

I also participated in game design (William Rozner was the design lead), art creation, and music creation, implemented all of the gameplay and developed web interaction and encryption code to allow the game to self-update and post high scores.

MauiGames wanted a "downhill, out of control" feel to this game, so the bike accelerates realistically due to gravity even if the player doesn't pedal.

While entertaining in its own right, Maui Mountain Biking served as a test bed for AdCell Media's updatable in-game advertising technology, which I created under the direction of CEO David Fradin. Check out the downloaded ads for Zeal Optics sunglasses in the screen shots at left.

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