Chris Burke's game industry credits include:

Prior to pursuing his current career in game development, Chris developed text messaging and mobile internet technologies, standards, service architectures, strategies, developer tools, and vertical market applications at Motorola.

As founder and proprietor of Burke & Burke, Chris developed and published more than 30 OS-9 and 6809 assembler titles and hardware upgrades for the Tandy Color Computer, including the multi-player word game Pertascii and patch-based OS-9 ports of Dungeons of Daggorath and Cyrus World Class Chess.

Chris holds a BSEE specializing in applications of computers from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and three patents on mobile middleware.

In his spare time he enjoys creative writing, building and home renovation, and hunting for garage sale treasure. Ludography.

Has been mistaken for: Alan Rickman, Steve Jobs, Raffi, Remus Lupin, Dr. Gordon Freeman.

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